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7 of August, 2012

From Astronomia Nova Aitiologetos : Seu Physica Coelestis, Tradita Commentariis de Motibvs Stellæ Martis ex Observationibus G. V. Tychonis Brahe (1609)

Kepler’s work on the observations of Mars by Tycho Brahe enabled him to reach the conclusions that planets travel around the Sun in elliptical orbits and that their speed increases as they are nearer the Sun.

This copy, once owned by John, Earl of Bute, was given to the Dibner Library of the History of Science and Technology by Bern Dibner. In 1955 Bern Dibner, the noted science book collector and founder of the Burndy Library, published Heralds of Science as Represented by Two Hundred Epochal Books and Pamphlets Selected from the Burndy Library. This work by Kepler is one of the two hundred which were selected to illustrate the publication of “proclaimed new truths or hypotheses in science.”

More about the 200 “Heralds of Science”.

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