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14 of February, 2014

Love in a balloon: livin’ it up till you hit the ground.

From William Upcott’s Scrapbook of Early Aeronautica (cartoon possibly from 1785?)

This first volume of the Scrapbook of Early Aeronautica was recently completed as a project where 87 digital volunteers transcribed the content from the comfort of their homes. Rare books, manuscripts, archival material and other digitized Smithsonian Institution material are in need of your help. You can show your love for the Smithsonian by becoming a digital volunteer. To learn more, visit the Transcription Center.

Posted 8 months ago
Tags:  #saucy  #valentine's day  #double entendre  #ballooning  #hot air balloon  #those naughty 18th century Englishmen  #wasn't this also an Aerosmith song?

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